Our specifications:

Our specifications: We have the below types of charcoal available for export.
Barbeque charcoal (2cm to 6cm): Solid pieces, no smoke, white ash, for grilling.
Restaurant charcoal A (4cm to 15cm): High grade, No dirt, no dust, no smoke, excellent quality, white ash, very long burn, metallic sound, no spark.
Restaurant charcoal B (4cm to 15cm): No dirt, no dust, no smoke, good quality, white ash, long burn, dull sound, no spark.
Mix Lump charcoal (5cm to 20cm): for general use, for grilling, long burn, for industry use, very durable.
Charcoal Fines (Less than 2cm): for briquette production & industrial use, tiny particles, charcoal dust.
Finger Charcoal

Our charcoal properties (Hardwood Charcoal):
Wood types: African birch/beech, Iroko and Oakwood.
Moisture content: below 5%
Carbon content: > 75%
Burn time: Range of 2 – 6 hours
Heat content: above 6500-7000Kcal/Kg

Our Packaging: PP bags of 20kg, OR whatever your preference might be.

Shipping time: 3 weeks after signing contract.
Our current supply capacity is 25 containers/month, Apapa or Tincan port, Lagos.

We can make available for a trial shipment; between 1 to 5 X 40FCL and our current supply capacity is 25containers/month, Apapa port, Lagos:

Our price: 
Send us an inquiry to get our price

Minimum order: 2 containers

Our payment: 
40% deposit payment, 60% balance payment against scanned documents

Inspection: As for quality confirmation, we welcome any inspection agent of your choice to check out our quality.

We look forward to a reply from you and to providing a draft of our Sales & Purchase Contract for your review and also to doing business with your esteemed organization.

Palm Kernel Shells


We currently major in quality PALM KERNEL SHELLS and can be consistent suppliers of quality Palm kernel shells to your company.

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