We believe in the potential Africa holds
And we help international companies access needed Agricultural, solid minerals, and energy commodities
Our products are sourced locally
Our long relationship with local communities has contributed to our success in delivering quality commodities that meet global standard and client specification.
Strategic International Trade Partnerships
In our bid to overcome the challenges associated with international trade, we form meaningful long business relationships with clients.

Zaph & Zoe Export Company is an international trade firm headquartered in Lagos Nigeria.

We strongly believe in the untapped potentials in Africa and the role it can play in transforming global businesses. Our business model is designed to address the fundamental challenges associated with international trade.

Agricultural commodities

Solid Minerals

Energy Products

Local sourcing

We work closely with local African communities in exploring trade commodities in agriculture, solid minerals and energy.

Quality control

Our seasoned team works to ensure that locally sourced materials are refined to meet client needs and international standards.


With an understanding of the challenges faced in global trade, we follow through to ensure clients get products at the stipulated time.

Our Vision.

To become Africa’s leading international trade company, with strong strategic business partnerships across global markets.

Our Mission.

To be at the forefront of identifying and developing untapped African resources to meet and satisfy the needs of the global market.


We help international clients access agricultural, solid minerals and energy commodities by forming strategic business relationships that eliminates the challenges associated with international trade.

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